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Women's Ministries of 

First Assembly of God, Fort Myers

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Attend our Bible studies, grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, meet other women who share the belief that Jesus is Lord. 

Monday | 7:00 – 8:30 PM | Colonial Chapel
This is a place for women who feel helpless, hopeless, or hurting or women who have a heart for those who are hurting. God has a plan for comfort, hope and wholeness, but that often seems unattainable even to women who have been Christians for a long time. Come join us as God pours out His love extravagantly to heal broken hearts.  Free child care is available up to age 12 in Noah’s Nursery. 


Thursday | 9:15 – 11:30 AM | Sherrick Hall
Taught by Pastor Connie Weisel, this dynamic, life-changing Bible study, written by Sally M. Hill, is the heart of His Women’s teachings. Through the simple principles contained in the Bible study, you will firmly grasp who Christ is in you. Living from the Life of Christ is now being taught worldwide. If you haven’t attended this class before or it’s been a while, don’t miss it! Child care is available through the Mom’s Day Out program. Call (239) 936-6277 x363 for reservations.
If you are not able to join us in person for our classes, they are available on CD’s and DVD’s through our MEDIA MINISTRY.


Written by Pastor Connie Weisel, the Walls of our Heart book is a transcription of a teaching by the same name. It teaches us how to recognize the walls we have built around ourselves to protect from the pain of hurts, and then shows us how to use God’s word to tear down those walls so He can reach through to heal us. This teaching has changed thousands of lives, and we want you to have it! View, download, save, or print your free copy here: WALLS OF OUR HEART. No information is required to download the book; however, please consider sharing the city and state you are from so we know where our books are going. You can use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM


Bible study series can be found on CDs and DVDs in the MEDIA MINISTRY