The Media Department is under the direction of Dot Rideout. Dot has been with His Women for ten years and has a team of volunteers assisting her in mailing out hundreds of audio and video media items around the globe each month.  

We keep the prices of our media at cost; therefore, we only charge the minimum price to cover the cost of producing our CDs and DVDs. Pastor Connie and the Media Ministry believe strongly that these teachings are God’s and this ministry is one of sharing – not a profit-making venture. All monies that are donated or collected for media are passed on to reproduce and mail media to those who can’t afford to purchase.

Media Ministry Lending Library
We want to make our teachings and recorded services available to all who desire them. If cost is an issue, ask for a complimentary copy. We are thrilled to “seed” into your life what God has given us. If you would like to help someone less fortunate to obtain any of our media items, that would be a wonderful blessing! Whatever method you choose, these teachings could change your life and by sharing them, you can help change the lives of those around you!

Available Teaching Series and Services
  • The Walls of our Heart
  • Help for Hurting Women - individual classes
  • Living from the Life of Christ
  • Night of Healing Services
  • Your Mind is the Battleground
  • Psalm 37
  • Psalm 91
  • Psalm 103
  • Hope for the Holidays
  • The Treasure
  • Far More – Proverbs 31
  • Powerful Personal Peace
  • The Love Trilogy
  • In Times of Trouble
  • 2000 Retreat - Armed with Love
  • 2003 Retreat - For This Cause
  • 2005 Retreat - The Vineyard
  • 2006 Retreat - Transformed
  • 2007 Retreat - Reflections of Glory
  • 2008 Retreat - Dream for Your Life
  • 2009 Retreat - Because He Lives
  • 2010 Retreat - So Much More
  • 2011 Retreat - Winds and Waves
  • 2012 Retreat - Seaside Surrender
  • 2013 Retreat - Echoes from the Sea
  • 2014 Retreat - Sunrise Serenade 

Please call our media office at (239) 936-6277, x303 to order media, OR you may use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM. Be sure to indicate the recording you would like and how we may contact you. 

Please note: Purchased recordings may be reproduced provided they are NOT sold for more than
the cost of reproduction (not for profit). 
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