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Get Connected!

Attend our services, grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, and meet other women who share the belief that Jesus is Lord. 


Help for Hurting Women” Bible study is televised on WRXY, Fort Myers. 
Monday 2:30 AM | Wednesday 10:00 AM
CABLE: channel 10
DISH NETWORK: channel 49
DIRECT TV: channel 49

Check with your local cable company for your channel. Our prayer phone line is open during Wednesday and Thursday TV Programs (239) 936-6277.


Tuesday | 9:30 – 11:00 AM 

The Intercessory Prayer Team meets in the Eagle's Nest Conference Room to intercede in prayer on behalf of our church family, our government, missionaries, and the world. We also pray for special needs, including healing, finances, and specific prayers for our women and their families. This is a powerful time in the presence of the Lord. Use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM to send us your prayer request. We consider your requests to be confidential and will not publish or share them.


Led by Nancy Smith, this team of committed women serves those who attend the Help for Hurting Women Bible study.  Motivated by 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5, they have a heart to see women set free by sharing the same comfort they received from the Lord. They share the love of Christ with their smiles, hugs, experiences and knowledge of the word of God. 


Led by Ginny Schippel, this team of anointed women answers the phones during the airing of the “Help For Hurting Women” television program. They pray with people in need, lend a caring ear, speak words of encouragement and share their biblical knowledge to help with whatever the caller shares. In many cases they lead the callers to the Lord or pray with them to recommit their lives to the Lord!  


Thursday | 8:45 AM

Women gather together every week in Sherrick Hall to pray for our children and grandchildren. If you would like us to include your children/grandchildren, please use the ONLINE CONTACT FORM to send us your prayer request.  Include the child/children’s name, age and anything specific you are requesting prayer for.  We consider your requests to be confidential and will not publish or share them. 


NOW is led by Charlotte Zegers.  NOW ministers to the women who attend or have attended Living from the Life of Christ Bible study. This dedicated ministry team ministers to women who find themselves unable to attend class due to sickness, hard times, family loss, or even a schedule change. They send cards of encouragement, lend a caring ear, pray, and so much more.  This ministry is based on Proverbs 3:28, encouraging us to never tell our neighbors to wait until tomorrow if we can help them NOW!

WOW – Women to Women

Also led by Charlotte Zegers, the WOW team connects with women from Living from the Life of Christ who find themselves in homebound circumstances. They bring encouragement with cards and flowers. Combined with NOW, over 2200 calls, cards, meals, and visits were recorded last year. 

Casual Conversations
Casual Conversations is a ministry developed to allow women of all ages time for deeper connections with each other through a time of directed conversation. These events are held on a monthly basis and are led by Shawn Wheeler.

His Women

Women's Ministries of 

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